How to Stop Drinking Out of Boredom

It is very common for people to replace alcohol with sugar in the beginning, which is detrimental not only to your waistline and physical health but your mental well-being as well. If you have the time, sign on to a longer-term project like helping with this year’s drinking out of boredom charity bake sale or the big 5K race your city holds yearly. You’ll get to meet new people and be a part of something positive. So much of this list is not just about finding things to do, but treating the underlying causes of extreme boredom in sobriety.

  • But you should turn to other, more productive ways to cope with your boredom that won’t be detrimental to your health.
  • When you begin to view your negative thoughts and feelings as problems to be solved rather than the embodiment of who you actually are, you liberate yourself.
  • Look at the best brunch places and the best coffee shops.
  • Exercise is a powerful way to rebuild your body in recovery and a healthy coping skill.
  • You can find support groups that are not 12-Step focused to get sober without AA.
  • What would you get up at 5 in the morning to do that isn’t drinking, not that anyone got up at five in the morning to drink?

So for a woman who loves to multitask and likes to check things off the list. I was like, I’m sitting around not drinking but I worked out four times this week, five times this week. That gave me checks on my checklist that I was doing something other than building up days with this time and money. Now, I personally love Pinterest, and I don’t know if you guys do, too.

Being Bored When You’re Quitting Drinking

Being happy with a sober life means replacing your unhealthy drug or alcohol addiction with meaningful, fulfilling activities. Recovery is about much more than living a drug or alcohol-free life. Addiction recovery is about learning how to live life on life’s terms.

  • Let me assume, that – since you’re reading this right now – you have been stricken with some desire to massively change your relationship with alcohol.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) remains one of the most common support groups for long-term sobriety.
  • This can be hard if your social life previously revolved around drinking.
  • If you quit drinking and experience any new or worsening mental health symptoms, please consider therapy.

By removing the alcohol and making those necessary lifestyle changes, we increase the chances of becoming people who can enjoy the simple pleasure of life once again. When you get sober, you realize there is an entire daytime pulse in your city or town that you never really felt before. Things that people do during that day that don’t involve recovering or boozy brunch. Exercise is critically important in early sobriety and for ongoing mental health and wellness.

Alcohol Alternatives If You Want To Relax Without The Hangover

I got an essential oil diffuser, I got really nice sheets and pillows. And again, this does not have to be expensive. You can get second hand stuff and spray painted. You can go to the arts and crafts store and pick out mason jars and put beautiful flowers in them.

Bride Wants To Keep The Reasoning Behind Alcohol-Free Wedding Secret, Friends Put Her Under Fire – Bored Panda

Bride Wants To Keep The Reasoning Behind Alcohol-Free Wedding Secret, Friends Put Her Under Fire.

Posted: Fri, 29 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

It is impossible for alcohol to relieve boredom. It does nothing to change any external circumstances. There is nothing wrong with being bored after stopping drinking.

You may need to make other changes

No, it’s because the situation is no fun. The noise, the hustle and bustle; they all prevent you being able to actually have a meaningful conversation with anyone. After a while, your brain gets tired of small talk.

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